During the Pandemic it has not been possible to provide a ‘normal service’ for members, so to try to offer some involvement we have designed four local walks with a historical theme

The idea is that you will choose which walk you would like to take and then download, view or print from the website to use and share with friends and family

We hope that the small snippets of historical information will be of interest along the way

Please click or tap on the highlighted walk number and the file (pdf) will either download or preview depending on how your bowser is configured (if you can’t find the file please check your downloads folder)

WALK 1              Chapel Lane and the Village Centre (about 1 mile circular)

WALK 2               WWI – short Walk (about 1.8 miles circular)

WALK 3               WWI – longer Walk (about 2.5 miles circular)

WALK 4               The Green Lane Conservation Area (about 1 mile circular)