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Ravenmeols Heritage Trail Project

Community Participation

The Formby Civic Society has been given a key role to play in a special project. which follows on from concerns that local heritage is at risk of being lost and ‘forgotten' and the need  to preserve and explain our local heritage to prevent this happening, also a desire for an improvement of the Coastal dunes access network whilst at same time protecting biodiversity.

During the Development Phase: 'Guided walks’ were undertaken which resulted in very positive feedback from the people attending. Participants were genuinely quite amazed at how much history there was within the area regarding which many local residents, were unaware. All expressed support for the development of trails and interest in future events. Further associated events are now planned. Including  oral history events, guided walks and other opportunities to add to the existing archive of historical information.

ItDraft Trails

Based on the identification of a number of existing paths, surviving features and structures of note, an attempt has been made to indicate some possible trails. These can be started or finished at a number of different points.

View here

Apart from way-marking, and a couple of interpretive panels, additional information will be provided to those who are interested in the landscape history of the area together with and a map and trail-guide.

Ravenmeols Heritage ; some locations of interest.

The interactive map of for this trail is under development but can be seen by clicking here