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Latest News

2020  NEWS


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Meetings are unfortunately currently cancelled - as the guidance changes the resumption of meetings is under review


January 2021 - Wildlife Notes

Dr Phil Smith's Wildlife notes for DECEMBER 2020 are now  live - please click here to view

plus an updated article on Formby's Black Poplars together with a revised Devil's Hole article click here to view


2019 NEWS


The results of the voting for the Local Plan:   Yes 2601  No 428

As 84% of those who voted said Yes, the Plan will be considered part of the wider planning process, and any planning applications that conflict with it can be refused. If Formby had not done this, developers could simply build on any land they could buy, or the Government would intervene. "

Click here for : The Local Plan (large pdf file)


September 2019

The Redrow Community Fund - Message From The Chairman

I would like to update you about a project which may prove interesting for you. We made a bid to the Redrow Community Fund for a £500 grant to set up a project called the ‘Formby Folk Community Heritage Project’. Our bid was successful and the funding will be used to bring people of all ages together to better understand their local heritage and to record and make easily available to others the contributions made by so many Formby people – ‘Formby Folk’ – over the past century and more. We will give local people - whether those who have lived here a long time or those who may be newcomers and know little about the history, traditions and spirit of Formby – an opportunity to work with Civic Society members and volunteers to find out more and even record their own tales and experiences. The Civic Society will provide active and engaging sessions for existing community groups and local schools as well as opportunities for more recently-arrived residents to join into activity sessions.

We will also create a valuable bank of materials for use by Formby residents so they can themselves be involved and play an active role in remembering and recording the lives and contributions of Formby Folk both in the past and in times nearer to our own. Findings will be placed on the Civic Society website and reported through the local media. This will include the transfer of previously inaccessible maps from the 19th century into a format all of our local people can access, handle and research. It will also involve the creation of materials for activity sessions in discovering local history and people involved,: this will include large reproductions of old photographs for use in presentations as stimulus and starting points for discussion and research; sheets reproduced from national Census returns, pages from old Trade Directories and maps to identify detail from our community in the past.


September 2019 - an updated article on Formby's Black Poplars together with a revised Devil's Hole article click here to view


July 2019

"The Village that was Formby" by Joan A. Rimmer, a member of the Formby Civic Society.


2018 NEWS


Book Launch Copies available at £5 each

"A Community in Wartime - Formby 1914-1918" - Published by Formby Civic Society

John Phillips and Tony Pawson

Dear Members,


Jim Hershey

I would just like to add a little more information about the publishing of the new FCS publication, ‘A Community in Wartime: Formby 1914-18’. However, first I would like to pay tribute to our former Chairman Jim Hershey who recently passed away. So many members have told me of how much he gave to our Society and to the community in general over the years. He was held in the highest esteem and was a man of great integrity and determination. I know you will join the Society in sending our respects and condolences to his family at this time.

“A Community in Wartime: Formby 1914-18’

You will be able to purchase copies of the book at £5 from Derbyshire’s on Chapel Lane and the Village Newsagent (next door to Specsavers).

We expect the book to also be available from local bookshops very soon and will let you know about this when we have more detail.

We are selling the book at a low price because we want to see as many people in our community buy a copy, and all monies made will be put straight back into Formby Civic Society funds to cover printing and design costs. It is in colour and well illustrated throughout and would make an excellent small Christmas present for friends and family.

Best wishes,

John Phillips


For any further information please email



We are sorry to report the death of Dr. Reginald Yorke earlier this year, who for many years was an integral part of Formby Civic Society together with his wife Barbara. It was only until a few years ago that Reg remained an active and determined Chairman of FCS, leading our Society in the introduction of Blue Plaques for Formby and researching and writing high quality materials on Ravenmeols and the 'lost resort' of Formby-by-the-Sea. He was also a driving force in the establishment of the RAF Interpretive Panel at Wood Vale in 2016. Reg and Barbara collaborated on a number of books that traced the development of Formby, and together they researched and wrote-up the history of the Formby Lifeboat Station, proving it to be the first in the world!

These few words can not do justice to all that Reg Yorke has given to his community and the Society that has worked for the community since its inception in 1953. He will be sadly missed by his many friends and FCS members, but even more so by Barbara and the Yorke family." Please click here for our newsletter tribute.


Latest archive finds

2 articles about formby


2017 NEWS

Dec 2017 - discovered in our archive and we have a few later years reports available, please contact chairman for more details.

It is a 19 page report covering the health issues and population of Formby in 1957. It was prepared by MG Garry Medical Officer of Health (Part Time) and presented to the Chairman and members of the Formby Health and Highways Committee in 1957.

This is a searchable copy, subject to the poor type quality please click here to view


Dec. '17 - When Open Country came to Formby - NOW on our website  

The BBC have kindly given us permission to reproduce the podcast, to listen please click here

BBC Radio 4 ‘Open Country’ Covers the red squirrels and conservation of the sand dunes in Formby. It lasts about 24 minutes and was aired at 3pm on Thursday 7th December. - There is an involvement from Formby Civic Society.


Aug '17 Recently discovered a newsletter from 2001 - please click here to view


2016 NEWS

RAF Woodvale Historical Interpretive Panel

On Wednesday 7th of December,  Reg Yorke was present at Dune Heath for the unveiling of an  RAF Woodvale Historical Interpretive Panel. He was joined by members of the Civic Society, Fiona Whitfield of the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside, Officers of RAF Woodvale and Aldon Ferguson, the airfield historian. The Panel bears the wording:

'Lest we forget':- "In memory of all airmen and aircrew killed on service at RAF Woodvale from 1st September 1939 to 31st July 1947", together with all their names, rank, squadron. We now aim to have this Panel recognised officially as a War Memorial. For further details and pictures please click here


2nd Blue Plaque for Formby

On Thursday 20th, October 2016, the Civic Society was able to unveil a second Blue Plaque, this one marking the childhood home of one of the greatest novelists of the 20th century, Beryl Bainbridge. Please click here for photos and details


Footprints on the prehistoric Landscape: - Formby Point, 5000 BC to 100 BC - Gordon Roberts

If you have ever seen strange tracks on the Formby foreshore and wondered who or what they belonged to and when they were made - this booklet will explain the surprising prehistoric history of Formby Point - the first print run sold out very quickly so a second print run has been commissioned. It makes a great present for yourself or someone who lives or has lived in Formby or is curious about prehistory. £3 + p&p - for further details or to purchase please contact:

Chairman - John Philips


Last year this popular and informative coffee table book which includes three books - My Formby, Formby Remembered and Formby Today - and originally published in 2007 was reprinted as a final limited edition after several years out of print. However, it quickly sold out and with continuing demand a revised edition with a brief postscript bringing it right up to date has just been re-published.

It’s ongoing success has proved its value to any reader of any age whether long-standing resident or newcomer alike and is now available again from Derbyshire’s on Chapel Lane in Formby Village for the price of £18.99.

This would make a perfect present for any Formby residents.

Photo is the award winning Joan Rimmer with her new edition of “The Village That Was Formby”

In line with current government guidance, Formby Civic Society meetings are currently cancelled

Please see the website front page for a message from the Chairman - please click here