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Formby Civic Society
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Formby Society Present

Since the Society was formed, the growth of Formby has continued apace with a recent trend away from development of large new estates to more insidious "in-fill development". Instead of spread outwards we now have a form of re-development by 'infiltration' now producing a higher density of housing with a subsequent change in character of the area. This is emphasised by the increase in multi-occupier accommodation, flats, retirement and other residential homes. Monitoring these developments and making our views known on Planning Applications as they come in is done by our Amenities Secretary, with the help of a small ‘Planning Subgroup’. Currently we are closely monitoring the development of the new Formby and Little Altcar Neighbourhood Plan and Sefton Local Plan.

Our committee acts not only as a "voice of the people" but advises individual residents on how best to represent their concerns, when faced with unexpected developments in their own neighbourhood. We are now more aware of certain social problems such as those relating to traffic, crime, litter, lack or withdrawal of certain facilities.

Another on-going concern is that more and more outsiders visit Formby to enjoy the beach, dunes, woodland and Reserves but we have few facilities for them and the uncontrolled trampling of the frontal dunes may be de-stabilising our main defence from further marine 'transgression'. We are particularly interested in our historic, beautiful and interesting natural coastal environment and take an active role in helping to understand and protect it.

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