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Formby Civic Society
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Formby Society Future

We can be described as a "group of people who care passionately about our surroundings and community". Now we have passed our 60th anniversary we remain convinced that it is important to continue to build on the activities for which the Society was established. As Formby's Civic Society our job is to care about our surroundings, help find solutions to environmental problems, help improve the fabric of the area for present and future generations, safeguard the heritage and character of Formby, listen to the local community and campaign for their interests. Also to argue the case for better design and sustainability of our built environment.

We will continue to look for the provision of better community meetings facilities to help and encourage the vast number of community groups also working in Formby to improve the quality of life in our community. We work with and support our Parish Council.

Meetings of the Society consist of a series of Monthly Meetings when invited speakers speak on (often) very topical issues alternating with talks on Local Historical subjects. We also organise a summer programme which includes at least one Summer outing to a place of interest and several local events. The Society produces an informative twice yearly newsletter, the Formby Civic News. All meetings are held at the Ravenmeols Community Centre, and open to members of the public, unless otherwise stated.

Membership of the Society is open to all. We would like all who enjoy Formby and care for its future  to join the Society and help our efforts to maintain our amenities, our local heritage and keep it safe for the future.

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